Staff Engagement In 2020

Prioritise Work-Life Balance

  • More emphasis on flexibility in the workplace
  • Discussing flexible options with employees and if suitable, allowing home based working, Skype calls etc.
  • 75% of employees said they experience greater productivity at home (FlexJob)
  • Embracing flexibility will be key in 2020 as more employees are looking for work-life balance

Workplace Wellness

  • Healthier, happier employees are more productive
  • It can build community and create an environment of wellness
  • Decrease of sickness days and sick pay
  • Organisations are seeing the value in emphasising employee wellness with 60% of companies offering wellness programmes (Optum)

Workplace Mental Health

  • Following on from workplace wellness, its crucial to make sure that the organisation has an awareness of mental health
  • Poor mental health is one of the biggest issues in the workplace today and causes a loss of over 70 million working days each year.
  • Organisations need to have an awareness of an employees’ triggers for stress so Managers need to be in regular communication with their teams.

Personal Growth & Development

  • 47% of employees said that a limited career path would make them look for a better opportunity (Randstad)
  • Even if you have a flat structure or you are a small organisation, it is crucial that employees’ feel that they are learning and developing/ growing
  • Mentoring / coaching is crucial to attracting and retaining highly qualified employees.

Creative Employee Benefits

  • Employee benefits are an area that needs to evolve from traditional ones to more creative and personalised ones
  • Flexible benefits could be an option for larger organisations so employees can pick and choose what
  • Benefits that could be an option—free healthy snacks, additional paid holiday, napping rooms, free breakfast, paid gym memberships etc

Brand Ambassadors

  • Messages shared by employees reach 561% further than the same message shared by companies.
  • Employees now play a role in corporate branding due to the rise of social media.
  • It is key that employees fully understand your organisation’s values, goals so that they can share this on social media and help promote the organisation.
  • Above all else, create a workplace that people want to promote!

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