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Our PAC HR Model makes a difference by focusing on People, Accountability & Communication to NOT ONLY help our clients maintain a level of protection and knowledge, but also set the framework for ongoing commercial success.


Experience the DLP Difference with No Obligation

Maximizing The Power of People, Accountability & Communication

HR & Employment Law Services

We understand the maze of HR Regulations and Employment Law. By providing expertise in these areas—matched to your needs and budget—we allow you to focus on the growth of your business.

PAC HR Consulting & Training

We train a simple cultural model of People, Accountability and Communication. This groundbreaking strategy can transform your business and provide the business results you need.

Our Award ​Winning ​Process

​Audit. Support. Protect.


Trained and accredited qualified HR business partner who cares about your business and works with you to understand and know you to achieve your HR business aim.


Specialist HR designed and crafted to provide your complete HR Framework of culture, policies, HR values, management and day to day strategy which now only adds value to your business but changes its staff culture.


Powered by DLP means your business partner is always up to date, has a national professional team of lawyers, medical professionals, legal drafters and business advisors to ensure your solutions are bespoke to you and your needs.

News & Resources

Coronavirus Update: Ending Date Change

Coronavirus Update: Ending Date Change

Coronavirus Update: Ending Date Change The major change is that the ENDING date for the Furlough Scheme is extended until October 31 Between August 1 and October 31 employers can begin bringing staff back part time. Employers wishing to return staff to work should...

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Layoffs and Furlough Leave

Layoffs and Furlough Leave The start of the year seemed the same as any other January.. Your next door neighbour’s Christmas tree was still balanced on their garage door and you thought “when are they finally going to recycle that”. Your email inbox was still swamped...

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When Process Goes Out the Window

When Process Goes Out the Window The basic principle is “everything HR starts with HR processes”. Love them or hate them, processes are the fundamental essence of most things HR. Tiny parts of a HR process can be the subject of days and days of scrutiny in a tribunal...

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10 Deadly HR Mistakes

Download this one page infographic from our ground breaking book, The Truth About HR...and Why It’s Killing Your Business